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Internal Universal Fitting for 1" Tubing

For perpendicular connections, goes inside of 1" OD tubing with .050 wall.  Fits flush with tubing. Available in polished brass, can be special finished in brushed, chrome plated and powder coated. Lead time for special finishes vary. Special finished material are non-returnable.  ...

From $10.00

Radius Back Center Glass Clip for 1/2" Glass

Flush-mount for a clean, modern look. This glass clips will fit with any radius surface. Available in center, with stoppers for left end and right end. Available in polished brass and SS, can be special finished in brushed and powder...

From $25.00

Heavy Duty Floor Flange for 1-1/2" Tubing

With a 5" diameter base, this heady duty flange stands up to its name.  Opening is for 2" OD tubing. Available in polished brass, can be special finished in brushed, chrome plated and powder coated. Lead time for special finish vary....

From $28.00

Straight Glass Partition Posts

Choose from 18" or 22" height, comes in ends and centers for a quick and easy set up. Constructed of 1" round tubing in brushed stainless steel finish, with clips for 1/4" or 3/8" glass. Glass is not included. To determine the...

From $125.00

3/4" Polished brass finished self-tapping screws (100 pack)

100 pcs/pack, brass finished self-tapping (tek) screws.

Regular price $15.00

Short Brass Internal Splice for 1" Tubing

2-inch long of brass piece to connect 1" OD tubing, with .0875" OD on one end, and .085" on the other.  Can be used to connect tubing at different thicknesses.    

Regular price $5.00

Channel Clip 1/2" Opening X 2" Long in polished brass

For connecting/securing u-channels. Available in polished brass and chrome finish. Other finishes also available. Please call for pricing. Holes are drilled for center, left, or right mounting. Please specify when ordering. Available in polished brass, can be special finished in...

From $10.00

Socket Flange for Closet or Curtain Rods

Elevate Your Closet Space with Socket Flanges for Closets or Bistro-Style Curtain Rods Enhance your closet's aesthetic and functionality effortlessly with our versatile socket flanges, expertly crafted for closets or bistro-style curtain rods. These socket flanges add a touch of...

From $14.00

1.5 OD Tubing - Order By The Foot

Premium 1.5 OD Specialty Tubing - Order By The Foot. Crafted with over 35 years of excellence, this commercial-grade tubing boasts impeccable quality and versatility for both interior and exterior architectural structures and custom fabrication projects. Key Features: Exceptional Quality:...

From $12.00

2" X .050 OD Bar Foot Rail Tubing - Polished Brass

2" X .050 OD Bar Foot Rail Tubing (1.90" inside diameter) - Polished Brass finish. Elegant and luxurious, each tube is hand-polished to a near-mirror finishes. Our preferred high quality commercial grade tubing has been the product of choice for...

Regular price $129.00 $116.00

6 Foot Flat Back polished brass U-channel for 1/4" Glass

Flat back u-channel for 1/4" material, made of solid brass in polished finish, comes in 6-foot (72") stock length, 1/2" outside all the way around. Can be cut-to-size or cut down for shipping.  Cut material are non-returnable.  For mounting to...

Regular price $80.00

Brushed Stainless Steel Glass Coped Style Clip

Brushed stainless steel glass coupe clip. Slim style glass clips in brushed stainless steel, for 1" OD tubing, accepts both 1/4" or 3/8" glass. Brushed stainless steel glass coupe clips can be used for partition posts, glass shelves and sneeze...

Regular price $22.10

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