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#4 Special Brushed finish in Brass or SS - Hand applied per-order

Additional cost for Brushed Finish is to be applied over brass without clear coat. Physical product is not included with this add on.  Photo is to show finishes.  Post is NOT included. Brushed brass finished tubing and components may appear...

Regular price $6.00

1" Diameter X .050 Wall Solid Brass Tubing in Mill Finish

Top quality 1" O.D. solid brass tubing with .050 wall, (.90" inside diameter) in mill finishes (un-polished). Additional cutting charges may apply pending on quantities and linear footage. Please call with orders more than 10 cuts. Tubing are cut-to-lengths from stock...

From $16.00

1" Diameter X .050 Wall Solid Polished Brass Tubing

Experience Unmatched Quality: Our 1" O.D. solid polished brass tubing embodies exceptional craftsmanship. Featuring a robust .050 wall thickness and a .90" inside diameter, this is designed for long-lasting performance while exuding timeless elegance in its polished brass finish. Custom-Cut to...

From $22.00

1" Diameter X .050 Wall Tubing - Order By The Foot

Order By The Foot. Superior quality 1" O.D. X .050 wall tubing (.90" inside diameter) are cut to size. Available in various materials and finish. Tubing are cut-to-lengths per order and non-returnable. Additional cutting charges may apply. Tubing are cut-to-lengths per...

From $9.00

1" O.D. Matte Black Powder Coated Over Stainless Steel Tubing - Order by the foot

1" O.D. Stainless Steel Tubing with Matte Black Powder Coat Finishes. Up to 16 foot Long for Finishes. Up to 95" Long for UPS Shipping. Starting at $13 per foot. Please select from drop-down menu for tubing length and quantities. Tubing...

From $13.00

1" Tall Flange for 1" OD Tubing

Tall Flange for 1" OD tubing with a smaller base and taller neck for mounting in a tight space with a pre-drilled screw hole on neck. Made in solid brass with a polished finishes. It can be chrome plated or powder coated in a...

From $18.00

1" x 1" Brass Square Tubing

1" x 1" Brass Square Tubing with .040" wall in mill finishes, sold in 12 foot stock lengths only. Tubing can be cut-to-length for shipping. Cut tubing are non-returnable. Tell us how many pieces you need and in what lengths....

Regular price $450.00

1" x 1" Brushed Stainless Steel Square Tubing - Grade 304

1" x 1" Brushed Stainless Steel Square Tubing Grade 304 with .050 wall (.90" inside opening).  Brushed Stainless Steel Square Tubing has excellent corrosion resistance making it ideal for architectural design, restaurants, hotels, pubs, store fixtures, handrails, stair railing, bar...

From $6.00

1-1/2" x 1-1/2" Square Brass Tube in Polished Finish

1-1/2" x 1-1/2" square brass tubing with .050 wall, (1.40" inside opening), in polished finishes. Sold in stock length of 12 feet. Shipping for 8 foot or longer material costs extra. Tubing can be cut to size or cut down for UPS shipping. ...

Regular price $700.00

1-1/2" x 1-1/2" Square Stainless Steel Tubing in Brushed Finish

1-1/2" x 1-1/2" square tubing with .049 wall, (1.402" inside opening), Grade 304 in brushed stainless steel finish, comes in 20-ft stock length. If ordering less-than-stock length, please order by the foot and note cut sizes in order notes upon ordering....

From $16.00

1.5 OD Tubing - Order By The Foot

Premium 1.5 OD Specialty Tubing - Order By The Foot. Crafted with over 35 years of excellence, this commercial-grade tubing boasts impeccable quality and versatility for both interior and exterior architectural structures and custom fabrication projects. Key Features: Exceptional Quality:...

From $12.00

1.5" Polished Brass Tubing - High-Quality and Durable

Premium 1.5" O.D. solid brass tubing, available in polished or mill finishes. Designed for durability and elegance, our brass tubing is ideal for a wide range of applications, including handrails, bar rails, foot rails, stair railings, kitchen railings, bunk bed...

Regular price $109.00 $96.00

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