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Metal Plant Hanger: Elevate Your Indoor Botanicals

Customer Inspired Project.

Our indoor metal plant hangers are designed to beautifully display your botanicals while making care easy. Crafted from solid brass tubing, these DIY hangers are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. What sets them apart is not just their stunning appearance, but also their effortless setup and low maintenance.

Recently, a customer from Los Angeles, CA, was in search of the perfect indoor metal hanger to showcase her beloved botanicals, including air plants, succulents, ferns, spider plants, and more. Drawing on her gardening expertise, she found her way to our custom metal plant hangers.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting your indoor plant collection, these hangers offer an elegant and convenient way to display your leafy companions.

Customized Finishes

Extensive Finish Selection for Metal Plant Hangers. Explore a Range of Stunning Finishes, including Brushed Brass, Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Brass, Polished Stainless Steel, Matte Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze, along with a Choice of Over 25 Vibrant Powder-Coated Colors, available upon request.

Metal Hanger Bar for Plants

No more worrying about flimsy hangers that can't support your beloved plants. These metal hangers are built to last and provide the perfect complement to your green thumb endeavors. Plus, with the DIY aspect, you can customize your hanger setup to fit your unique style and plant arrangement.

Project Components

1.5 OD Tubing - Order By The Foot

Premium 1.5 OD Specialty Tubing - Order By The Foot. Crafted with over 35 years of excellence, this commercial-grade tubing boasts impeccable quality and versatility for both interior and exterior architectural structures and custom fabrication projects. Key Features: Exceptional Quality:...

From $12.00

Flat End Cap for 1-1/2" Tubing

Flat end cap for 1-1/2" diameter round tubing fits flush with 1-1/2" OD tubing with .050" wall. Available in polished brass, polished and brushed SS, can be special finished in brushed brass and powder coated. Lead time for special finishes...

From $8.00

Floor-Mount Bracket for 1-1/2" Tubing

Floor-mount brackets will provide sufficient support to the foot rail without drilling holes in the bar at all. Create a stylish railing system with our wide selection of bar brackets. Quality commercial grade fittings are ideal for balconies, stair rails,...

From $36.00


Common Questions About Our Indoor Metal Plant Hanger
Are indoor metal plant hangers easy to install?

For installation, you can use screws and brackets to securely attach the plant hanger. Make sure to choose appropriate hardware based on the surface material.

What is the best location to install the indoor metal plant hanger?

Select a suitable location for your plant hanger, considering factors like available sunlight and aesthetics. Ensure it's away from vents, heaters, or any sources of extreme temperature.

Can I choose the finish for my custom metal plant hanger?

Yes, you can select from various finishes, including polished brass, brushed, matte black, or antique finishes, to match your interior decor and personal style.

Can I use a metal plant hanger to display decorative items other than plants?

Metal plant hangers can be versatile. You can use them to display decorative items like lanterns, wind chimes, or bird feeders, depending on the design and weight capacity.

Can you hang multiple plants with a indoor single metal plant hanger?

Yes, our commercial grade metal plant hangers are designed to hold multiple pots or baskets, side by side.

Can I use a metal plant hanger in a greenhouse or garden shed?

Metal plant hangers can be a great addition to greenhouses or garden sheds. Ensure they are securely fastened to the structure and can accommodate the weight of your plants.

Can I use a metal plant hanger in a bathroom to hang air plants or succulents?

Yes, you can use a metal plant hanger in a bathroom to hang air plants or succulents. Just ensure it's installed securely and that the bathroom's humidity won't negatively affect the metal over time.

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